Vol 7, No 1 (2013)

Table of Contents


Leadership, Partisan Loyalty, and Issue Salience: The 2011 Provincial Election in Saskatchewan PDF
David McGrane, Stephen White, Loleen Berdahl, Michael M. Atkinson 1-12
Evaluating Prime Ministerial Leadership in Canada: The Results of an Expert Survey PDF
Stephen Azzi, Norman Hillmer 13-23
Assessing the Collaboration That Was “Collaborative Federalism” 1996-2006 PDF
Julie M. Simmons, Peter Graefe 25-36
Meaningful Participation? The Judicialization of Electoral Reform in Canada Post-Figueroa v. Canada PDF
Greg Flynn, Tanya Kuzman 37-46
Intra-Party Federalism and the Impact of the Provincial Parties on 'Uniting the Right' PDF
Bradley Walchuk 47-57

Research Notes

Reproducing Neoliberalism: the power of Canada’s poor PDF
Tina Hilgers 59-64

Provincial Perspectives

The 2011 Provincial Election in Prince Edward Island PDF
Peter McKenna, Donald Desserud 65-71
Breaking the Peace: The Wildrose Alliance in Alberta Politics PDF
Anthony M. Sayers, David K. Stewart 73-86

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