Vol 9, No 1 (2015)

Guest Editor: Jared Wesley

Table of Contents


The Once-Forgotten Battlegrounds: Studying Provincial Elections in Canada PDF
Jared J Wesley 1-13
Going Negative: Campaigning in Canadian Provinces PDF
Alex Marland 14-27
The Importance of Context: The Effect of the Market on the Framing of Elections at the Subnational Level in Canada PDF
Shannon Sampert, Adelina Petit-Vouriot 28-40
The Accuracy of Public Polls in Provincial Elections PDF
David Coletto, Bryan Breguet 41-54
Raising, Spending, and Regulating Party Finances in the Provinces PDF
David M. Brock, Harold J. Jansen 55-74
Explaining Canadian Provincial Voting Behaviour: Nuance or Parsimony? PDF
Jason Roy, David McGrane 75-91
Priming the Voter: Assessing the Implications of Economic Perceptions on Evaluations of Leaders and Parties PDF
David McGrane, Kirk Clavelle, Loleen Berdahl 92-111
Rural, Suburban and Urban Voters: Dissecting Residence Based Voter Cleavages in Provincial Elections PDF
Jason Roy, Andrea M.L. Perrella, Joshua Borden 112-127
Public, Private, and Non-profit Sector Employees: Voting Behaviour and Ideology in the 2011-2012 Provincial Elections PDF
Andrea D. Rounce, Karine Levasseur 128-146
Comparative Voter Turnout in the Canadian Provinces since 1965: The Importance of Context PDF
Alan Siaroff, Jared J Wesley 147-163
Explaining the Federal-Provincial Turnout Gap in the Canadian Provinces PDF
Lori Thorlakson 164-176
Gender and Sexual Diversity in Provincial Election Campaigns PDF
Joanna Everitt 177-192
Support for Political Community: Evidence from Quebec and the Rest of Canada PDF
Mebs Kanji, Kerry Tannahill, Vincent Hopkins 193-211

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