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Dobuzinskis, Laurent, Simon Fraser University (Canada)
Docherty, David D., Wilfrid Laurier University (Canada)
Ducie, Michael, University of Regina (Canada)
Dupeyron, Bruno, University of Regina


Elgin, Dallas J., University of Colorado Denver (United States)
Epperson, Brent, University of Alberta (Canada)
Evans, Paul, UBC (Canada)
Everitt, Joanna, University of New Brunswick – Saint John
Everitt, Joanna M., University of New Brunswick (Saint John) (Canada)


Falk Pedersen, Eva, McGill University (Canada)
Faust, Kasey
Flynn, Greg, McMaster University
Forest, Pierre-Gerlier, Trudeau Foundation (Canada)


Gagné, Learry, Campus St-Jean, U. of Alberta (Canada)
Gal-Or, Noemi, Kwantlen Polytechnical University (Canada)
Garnett, Holly Ann, McGill University (Canada)
Gavan-Koop, Denisa, Simon Fraser University
Gibbins, Roger, Canada West Foundation, University of Calgary (Canada)
Gidengil, Elisabeth, McGill University
Ginnell, Kevin, SFU (Canada)
Goodchild, Anne, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Washington (United States)
Graefe, Peter, Department of Political Science, McMaster University


Hankivsky, Olena (Canada)
Hardy, Vincent, University of Cambridge, Department of Sociology (United Kingdom)
Hicks, Bruce M., University of Montreal (Canada)

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