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Oberlander, H. Peter
Oliphant, Samuel, Queens University (Canada)
Ouellette, Valérie, University of Ottawa (Canada)


Pal, Michael, University of Toronto
Pasolli, Kelly Erica, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Pattison, Andrew, University of Colorado Denver (United States)
Perl, Anthony, Simon Fraser University (Canada)
Perrella, Andrea M.L., Wilfrid Laurier University (Canada)
Perrella, Andrea M.L., Wilfrid Laurier University
Petit-Vouriot, Adelina, University of Toronto
Phillips, Lisa, University of Alberta (Canada)
Pilon, Dennis, York University (Canada)
Pilon, Dennis, University of Victoria (Canada)
Pilon, Dennis, University of Victoira (Canada)
Pin, Laura Grace, York University (Canada)
Piscitelli, Anthony, Wilfrid Laurier University (Canada)
Pomey, Marie-Pascale, University of Montreal (Canada)
PRUYSERS, SCOTT, Carleton University (Canada)
Pyl, Mike, University of Winnipeg (Canada)


Rayner, Jeremy, University of Regina (Canada)
Rayner, Jeremy, University of Saskatchewan (Canada)
Rexe, Deanna, Simon Fraser University (Canada)
Richards, John, Simon Fraser University (Canada)
Ross, Stephanie, York University (Canada)
Rounce, Andrea D., University of Manitoba

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