Vol 5, No 2 (2011)

Table of Contents


The Rise and Fall of the Ministry of State for Urban Affairs: Exploring the Nature of Federal-Urban Engagement in Canada PDF
Zac Devon Spicer 117-126
A Modern Interpretation of Machiavelli's Political Cycle. PDF
Learry Gagné 127-135
It’s What Happens on the Front Lines of Civic Education Policy that Matters: Reflections on a Natural Experiment on Youth Turnout in Ontario PDF
Henry Milner, J.P. Lewis 136-146
The Misrecognised as the Least the Advantaged Citizens in Plural Democracies PDF
Mark Blythe 147-156
Creating an Enemy: Social Militarization in the War on Terror PDF
Marcus Schulzke 157-164

Provincial Perspectives

BC political economy and the challenge of shale gas: Negotiating a post-staples trajectory PDF
Myles Carroll, Eleanor Stephenson, Karena Shaw 165-176

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