The 2018 Provincial Election in New Brunswick

Jamie Gillies, JP Lewis, Tom Bateman


New Brunswick’s 2018 election produced a minority legislature, the first in a century. The major parties continue to decline in voter support, and two new parties now have a presence in the Assembly. The election brings New Brunswick’s electoral politics increasingly into the modern Canadian mainstream; one new caucus is the Greens. In other respects, the election made the old new again. The populist People’s Alliance gained three seats partly on the basis of criticism of bilingualism policy. The Alliance and the Progressive Conservatives, in an informal alliance to govern, are all but confined to the anglophone parts of the province, while the defeated Liberals have all their strength in the Acadian north-east. The campaign mattered, as did constitutional conventions.  The Liberals squandered a large lead in the polls, and the parties struggled to sort out the conventions of government formation.


New Brunswick Politcs Elections

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@Canadian Political Science Review (CPSR). ISSN 1911-4125