Canada’s Prospects in the Indo-Pacific


  • Robert Hanlon Associate Professor Faculty of Arts Thompson Rivers University



Indo-Pacific, Canada, Asia, China, Foreign Policy


As Canada looks to strengthen its presence in Asia, the government’s Indo-Pacific Strategy (IPS) provides an important framework for guiding grand narratives on policy. Yet the document’s broad language raises questions around its pragmatism and how the strategy can be operationalized. To do so, Canada must work at bringing new ideas, be regionally present, and show solidarity with people of Asia. The government’s work must not digress into a one-way dialogue more concerned with preaching Canadian values and interests. Rather, there is a foreign policy imperative for listening to the diverse voices of regional stakeholders since Canada needs the Indo-Pacific more than the Indo-Pacific needs Canada. 



2023-11-03 — Updated on 2023-11-03


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