The 2011 Provincial Election in Prince Edward Island

Peter McKenna, Donald Desserud


An election that never seemed in doubt became interesting when the Globe and Mail newspaper revealed allegations that high-ranking officials in the PEI government were involved in fraud and bribery with regards to the provincial nominee (immigration) programme. However, in the end, the Ghiz Liberals fulfilled earlier predictions, returning to office on the strength of a landslide victory over the Crane PCs. The Liberals did see their seat total drop by one (from 23 to 22), while the PCs picked up a seat (for a total of 5). However, the real story was the sudden drop in voting turnout. At 76.5%, this is the lowest since Elections PEI began recording turnout. Three other parties fielded candidates in the 2011 election: the Greens, NDP and the new Island Party. None won seats.


PEI, elections, provincial nominee programme

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