A virtual environment for the formulation of policy packages

Araz Taeihagh, Rene Banares-Alcantara, Moshe Givoni


The interdependence and complexity of socio-technical systems and availability of a wide variety of policy measures to address policy problems make the process of policy formula- tion difficult. In order to formulate sustainable and efficient transport policies, develop- ment of new tools and techniques is necessary. One of the approaches gaining ground is policy packaging, which shifts focus from implementation of individual policy measures to implementation of combinations of measures with the aim of increasing efficiency and effectiveness of policy interventions by increasing synergies and reducing potential contradictions among policy measures. In this paper, we describe the development of a vir- tual environment for the exploration and analysis of different configurations of policy mea- sures in order to build policy packages. By developing systematic approaches it is possible to examine more alternatives at a greater depth, decrease the time required for the overall analysis, provide real-time assessment and feedback on the effect of changes in the config- urations, and ultimately form more effective policies. The results from this research dem- onstrate the usefulness of computational approaches in addressing the complexity inherent in the formulation of policy packages. This new approach has been applied to the formulation of policies to advance sustainable transportation.


policy design, policy mixes

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