Policy Design in the MPP Curriculum

Melanie Schoeppe, Michael O'Hare


In the following pages, we discuss the pedagogy of policy and program design. Why design, as distinct from analysis? The classic policy-analytic framework compares future worlds with different possible policies in place, and evaluates them according to relevant criteria. In Bardach’s “Eightfold Path” [Bardach 2011] a canonical step is to Identify Alternatives–but where do these alternatives come from? Frequently they are already in play, having been proposed by advocates and interest groups, but often a Problem (or Opportunity, as the motivating challenge is often better framed) is waiting for one or more good alternative responses, and inventing these is where the design arts overlap with policy analysis. Indeed, generation of a well-designed policy sometimes manifests an opportunity not previously recognized.


policy design, paedagogy

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