The payment by results Social Impact Bond pilot at HMP Peterborough: final process evaluation report

Emma Disley, Chris Giacomantonio, Kristy Kruithof, Megan Sim


This report presents findings from a process evaluation of the Peterborough pilot,


  1. How, if at all, did the pilot lead to better outcomes of reduced reoffending (including the role played by voluntary and community sector organisations and partner agencies)?

  2. What wider costs and benefits, if any, do stakeholders feel were incurred through the implementation of the SIB?

  3. To what extent did stakeholders feel that the SIB led to greater innovation and/or efficiency?

  4. What were the strengths and weaknesses of the SIB contractual model as implemented?

  5. What key messages can be taken from the Peterborough pilot that offer useful learning points for future payment by results models and SIBs?5


Policy Designs

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