Vol 6, No 1 (2012)

Table of Contents


Subsystem Structures, Shifting Mandates and Policy Capacity: Assessing Canada’s Ability to Adapt to Climate Change PDF
Jonathan Craft, Michael Howlett 3-14
Climate Change Subsystem Structure and Change: Network Mapping, Density and Centrality PDF
Kathleen McNutt 15-50
Shifting Mandates and Climate Change Policy Capacity: The Canadian Infrastructure Case PDF
Jonathan Craft, Michael Howlett, Mark Crawford 51-63
Operationalizing ‘Policy Capacity’: A Case Study of Climate Change Adaptation in Canadian Finance Agencies PDF
Russell Alan Williams 65-74
Shifting Mandates and Climate Change Policy Capacity: The Forestry Case PDF
Jeremy Rayner 75-85
Institutionalized Inhibition: Examining Constraints on Climate Change Policy Capacity in the Transport Departments of Ontario and British Columbia, Canada PDF
Anthony Perl, Joshua Newman 87-99
Policy Analytical Capacity Inside and Outside of Government: A Case Study of Colorado Climate and Energy Issues PDF
Dallas J. Elgin, Andrew Pattison, Christopher M. Weible 101-116
The Role of Climate Change Policy Work in Canada PDF
Adam M. Wellstead, Richard C. Stedman 117-124
Policy Analytical Capacity and Policy Activities PDF
Christopher M. Weible, Dallas J. Elgin, Andrew Pattison 125-137

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